The contemplative Bird watching at nature is getting popular in Brazil, where there are more than 2.000 different Bird species. 45% of those species are concentrated in the Atlantic Forest. Paraty stands out in this subject, being considered by the Bird watchers as a real paradise for birdwatching lovers. More than 477 birds species were registered, 116 of those are endemic of the Atlantic Forest. Download the full list  here.


Oca Paraty is the first pousada built for birdwatching in Paraty. We have specious bungalows with skylight and big windows that allow birdwatching during the day and the night. We also have field guides for research, binoculars, observatories and specialized team to comply with our guests needs.


We invite our guests to wander through the trails and to obverse the different Bird species in their natural environment.


Please check below some of the Bird species that can be found at Oca Paraty.

Fasciated Tiger-Heron

The first register of that Bird in Paraty was done in our pousada. Since 1825 it was watched only twice at Rio de Janeiro state and it was in Angra dos Reis. Socó Boi Escuro lives in clear forest rivers. This bird is fragile to the human presence and has a specific habitat, in which any disturbances, even the smallest ones, can make its presence to be reduced.

This Bird is difficult to be watched.

Brazilian Tanager

This Bird is the symbol of the Atlantic Forest and one of the most spectaculars in world. It is also known as sangue-de-boi, tiê-fogo, chau-baêta and tapiranga. It is a South American Bird of Thraupidae family, well known for its pretty red feathering.

It is a frequent visitor of the pousada´s eaters and its fruit trees.

It is easily seen in Oca Paraty.

Saffron Toucanet

It lives in high forests of mountain regions and lives in small groups, normally around six or seven birds in the groups.

This Bird eats fruits (especially hearts of palms) and insects, apart of eggs and other birds´ babies. It likes Michelia champaca plant (Magnólia-amarela).

The Araçari Banana is almost extinguished and it is very difficult to see it.

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