Oca Paraty promotes sustainable tourism. We encourage our guests to interact with the environment with the sustainable sports practice, so we can guarantee the ecosystem preservation. Choose the activity that better fits your state of mind; zen, adventurous or radical.


You can check some activities and tours that Oca Paraty recommends:

Paraty Bay


Paraty, on Rio de Janeiro's Green Coast, has a long, sculptured seaside with 82 continental beaches and 65 islands, offering you approximately 300 amazingly beautiful beaches.


Short or long, untouched or fancy and famous, with gree or blue water: choose your beach! The Paraty paradise islands tour is definitely a hit you can't miss.


Paraty Mirim Beach
Recommended for snorkeling, stand up paddle, rowing and trekking.
A resort known by few


The beach is cut by a river, with white sand, clear and warm water. It is the ideal place for those who like calmness. Recommended for families with children.


The story also goes that way with several farms and ruins of abandoned cannons apart from the historic chapel of Our Lady of the Conception, dated from 1686.


Paraty Mirim beach is 15 km far from Paraty and can be reached by car or bus.

Sono Beach

Indicated to practice trekking and surfing

Hidden between Trindade and Paraty


Fine sand and transparent waters, usually calm and refreshing, which flow into the Sono River, that gave its name to the place, virtually untouched by civilization, having only a small fishing village with few tourist services such as inns and restaurants, Kiosks made by the fisherman sell food and drinks for visitors.


A beautiful fishermen village hidden between Paraty and Trindade. To get there it is needed to do a nice trail in the woods. After about 1 hour of trekking with medium difficulty, the beach view is breathtaking.


During holidays and for new year´s eve, the beach receives lots of young visitors, however, out of season it is a real paradise.

Trindade Beach

Recommended for families, surf and trekking lovers

Vivacity with bars and live music


Trindade is located twenty five kilometers from Paraty, heading Ubatuba, en São Paulo. Caiçara Village, sheltering a large fisherman community. Trindade has pousadas (inns), and restaurants. There is 4 famous beaches:


Cepilho – beach with strong waves, perfect for surfing. On this beach, what is interesting is watching the surfers catching waves of spectacular size. 


Ranchos – Old fishing ranches were transformed into innumerous bars. Each bar has a diiferent theme, for different tastes. This beach is perfect for long walks.


Meio - The best known and most visited beach in Trindade. Considered by many the main attraction of the village, it is recommended for the family because of its very calm sea. 


Cachadaço – Long beach with white sand. It has strong waves. You need to be careful with the sea currents – It’s also one of the favorite beaches for surfing. If you go all the way to the end of the beach, there’s another trail that offers access to Cachadaço Pool. It’s the most popular point of the region. 

Saco Mamanguá

Recommended to trekking and kayak

Marine life reproduction


Considered the only tropical fiord in the world, it has a “tongue” of water that enters the sea about five miles forward. It’s a place of incredible natural landscape. This place is home to a lot of marine life reproduction and here you will often find big sea stars, calm waters and wonderful beaches, plus scenic views of the mountains surrounding you wherever you are.


There is the Pão de Açúcar hill that offers a panoramic view of the extreme beauty of the whole bay of Paraty. It has a trail that starts at Vila do Cruzeiro.


To get to Mamanguá, you can rent a small fishing boat in the Paraty Mirim Port.

Cotia Island

Access just by boat

Beautifull place


Without any doubt, that’s the best beach in the region, for those who want peace and isolation. Located on Paraty Mirim Cove, you can take a boat in Paraty Mirim village (15 min), or departing from Paraty (2 hrs).


When the tide is low, natural pools are formed between the coral stones. Clear water and great place for diving and take pictures under the water.


Saco da Velha

Access just by boat

Privecy and peaceful


Small cove – 1hour 30 min, far by boat. Of this three beaches, the best one to visit is  Vivinho’s Beach, where there is a restaurant on the left. Its sand is soft and yellowish.


There are showers with fresh water, and a beautiful cave in the far left corner, which can be visited at times of low tide. Extremely clear water.


Grande da Cajaíba Beach

Access just by boat

Golden sand


The  Grande da Cajaíba is a beach in the ecological reserve Juatinga, has fine sand, of a yellowish hue, is crossed by a stream and has a very inviting waterfall in the back.


By staying away from the Paraty pier, often little visited.



The perfect combination of affluence water, Rainforest and relief variations form magnificent waterfalls that can be visited in Paraty. Some of them are so exclusive that make the difficult access worth. Both easy and difficult access waterfalls, the most important is to have the opportunity of bathing in the clear and fresh water of these waterfalls that will clean our body and soul.

Melância Waterfall

Medium difficulty trail

The largest waterfall in the area

Melancia is a river comming down the Bocaina Mountains, the falls are 3 big vertical drops that creates great pools for swiming.

The trail to get there is hidden in the rain forest mixed with banana plantations.

It takes around 2 hours to get to the falls and 2 hours back.

Saco Bravo Waterfall

High difficulty trail

The prettiest waterfall in Paraty.


Saco Bravo waterfall is considered the prettiest waterfall in Paraty. It is formed by a natural water pool and a fall on a rock that is less than five meters from the sea. That makes the exceeding water falling on the sea, what makes a show itself.


One hour and a half trail after Ponta Negra beach.


Good physical conditions are needed to get there.



Historical Downtown


Paraty´s Historical Downtown is the scenery of many artistic expressions, good restaurants and famous plastic artists that make this town a real arts gallery.

Historical Dowtown Streets

National Historical Landmark

Never-ending party


Dozens of restaurants, spread all over the Historical Dowtown, offer exquisite dishes, from the tradicional “caiçara” food, based on fish and seafood, manioc flour and banana, to sophisticated international cusine.


In the true "never-ending party" spirit, Paraty has a very lively nightlife. There's always something going on, on the streets and squares and also in the excellent bars with live music. 


Paraty is the home of about 100 artisans and artists, which have created a unique, high-quality style.  The visits to the artist's workshops are great opportunities to meet them to witness how their creative work takes place.


The best way to get to know the best of the Historical Downtown is to get lost through its colorful and charming streets.

Puppet Theater

For people over 14

Theater without words

The puppet theater is very traditional in Paraty, and it is presented en weekly sessions by a group called, “Contadores de Histórias”.


The dolls evoke gestures, postures and emotions and create this wonderful kind of illusion that only art hits.

The performances every Wednesday and Saturday  at 9 pm, tickets for sale at the theater, tourist agencies and hotels.

Santa Rita Church

Visiting the past

Museum of Sacred Art


Built in 1722 for the free slaves, the jesuit architecture presents in the internal elements the caracteristics of Baroque Rococo notably in the multicolored cut of the main altar.


It now functions as the Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty under the responsability of IPHAN. it is located in the plaza of the same name.


Defensor Perpétuo Fort

For all ages

Best view from Paraty


Located on the hill Morro do Forte, it was built in 1703 to defend the city against possible invaders. It received the Perpetual Defender's name im 1822 to honor King Peter I. When it was reformed.


Notice the trenches, the cells, the leveled courtyard and the Gunpowder House. Today it functions as the "Center of Arts Popular Traditions of Paraty".

Quilombo do Campinho

Storytellers, keepers of community memory

Etno ecological handguide

The tourism potential is an important strategy for promotion sustainable local development. The Restaurant of the Quilombo, the Seedling Nursey, the flourmill, the nuclear family, the House of Crafts, the agroforestry systems, the storytelling with the griots and Jongo make up the Ethno-Ecological handguide that articulates directly and indirectly the Maroons around the joint economic production, where the income generated is distributed to the growing number of people involved.

Quilombo’s Restaurant

Typical cuisine where part of the food used comes from local agro-ecological production, encouraging sustainable agricultura and artisanal fishing of the surrounding communities.

House of Crafts

The house oof Crafts comprises around 25 craftsmen that produce handcrafts of various raw materials sustainably managed within the territory of Quilombo.


Older people, storytellers, keepers of community memory.




Paraty has many entertainment options for kids: beaches with calm and warm waters, parks and specialized tours.

Paraty Sport e Aventura

Adventure for all ages

Adventure safety

The P.S.A is located near the beautiful city of Paraty, where you can come on foot, by bicycle, by bus or by car leaving it at our private parking lot, right near our snack bar.

Once you arrive, at the reception, you will be able to choose which activity you want to do: tree climbing , kayak or the trails around the park.You will receive a quick training before you practice the tree climbing.

There is a beautiful and short walk up the little hill called ¨Big hosepipes¨ where you will meet with all the equipment such as: helmets, gloves, baudrier, saddles, carabiners and pulleys to practice with safety the tree climbing.

One educator will pass on all the instructions to be followed all throughout the trails in the trees. Then will start your journey in the tree climbing, always under the eye of our team.
What about a different training for your work team in an open space in the middle of nature.

Mini Estrada Real

History and cultural theme park

Talking to kids about history

Here, your kids can see replicas and miniatures of historical cities in the golden trail.

 Jabaquara beach

Calm and warm waters

Fun for kids

Of calm waters and no waves, is often blurred due to its muddy bottom in the end of the beach and is sandy right at the beginning, after the bridge. There are many bars on the waterfront and walking track and bike.


Stand up and kayak to rental are available at the beach, you can see Paraty from the sea. Gorgeous!


 If you are in the mood for rowing for about 40 minutes, you can cross the Jabaquara beach and reach the mangrove on the far left side of the beach. In the end of the mangrove, there’s a small beach, accessible only by sea and always deserted.



Paraty’s hills invite you to go trekking on stunning ecological trails or to go on off road rides within the wilderness of the Atlantic Forest

Mamangua Sugarloaf Peak

Medium difficult trail

Unmissable views

Unmissable views of the whole region from 440m peak located in the Mamanguá tropical fjord, the only one of its kind in Brazil. To get to Mamanguá, you can rent a small fishing boat in the Paraty Mirim Port until Cruzeiro beach. After crossing the fjord by boat to get to the base of the peak it’s a steep climb to the top. 

Pedra da Macela peak

Medium difficulty trail

Panoramic view of Paraty

Pedra da Macela (1800m), where it has the panoramic view of Paraty and the Bay of Ilha Grande. Pure Atlantic Forest, with good opportunities for observation of wildlife and waterfall baths. 

Gold Trail

one of the most important port towns in Brazil

National historical landmark since 1966

This road built by slave labor between the XVII and XIX centuries folowwing Guaianá Indian trails, the Gold Trail, is relatively well preserved and is surrounded by the exuberant Atlantic Forest of the serra da Bocaina National Park.

The trail was the only route in the XVII and XVIII centuries that linked Rio de janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais during the “Gold Cycle”.


Because of its geographical location, Paraty was a commercial crossroads and the port through which the gold from Minas Gerais was shipped to Portugal. It became one of the most important port towns in Brazil during the XVIII century


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